Friday, May 13, 2011

from Amie

Dear Ed,

You left us too soon and you will be missed, terribly so.

Dear Ed,

What I will remember most is your endless curiosity. I will
recall the way your eyes searched the horizon, how you wondered at the
smallest gesture and lingered in conversation.

Dear Ed,

You were the mad hatter.
You were endless entertainment. You shared your soul and your joy was
contagious. You’re an artist of the first degree, an epic
storyteller, a phenomenal teacher. You broke us in, you laughed loud,
you showed us the way, you were tougher than all of us.

It’s unbearable to lose you now.

Dear Ed,

Your heart ‘s the size of Jupiter – you knew just the right amount of
water and sunlight to bestow upon us. You arrived like a cowboy
onto the scene, you knew how to fill a stage, you took a huge bite and
fed it to us. You knew, that we knew that no one could curve their
back like you do. You gave each and every moment a sense of
importance. You graced us with your wisdom. You spent every waking
moment so alive that we had to squint to look in your direction. You
were my friend, my mentor, my collaborator, you were my Nijinsky, my

You taught me discipline and freedom of expression—but you were the
master. Your favorite place was the studio. Your movement was
indulgent and sinewy, you’re a celebrity to me, you’re royalty.

You trickle through us, you sauntered to class, you brought the heat.
You had a circus behind your eyes, a melodic speech, a swagger. You
shared the dark and the light. You stopped by to see how we were
doing, you thought about us while we slept and we will do the same for

Love Amie

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