Friday, May 13, 2011

My Daddy...

The last time I saw Ed was a few months ago when I came back to the department on a break to visit. I walked into the dance lounge and saw him warming up for his Modern class and he saw me, smiled, and waved me over. I went up to him, gave him a big hug and asked him how everything was. He said he was great as he sat there with his container of fresh fruit and bag of nuts. I can't remember exactly what was said except there was a lot of laughing... I could never forget his laugh!!! But I do remember him telling me that he had heard what I was doing in Ohio and he said he couldn't be more proud of me and he always knew I would do great things. I think I may have tweeted it right away because I was unsure if those words would ever actually come out of his mouth again! I remember being so happy that he said he was proud of me because my whole time there I would work so hard in his class just to show him that I can do it. It wasn't until I graduated that he told me I will do much better in life if I stop dancing for my teachers and start dancing for myself. I will never ever forget him and the words he said that touched my heart. From Ohio he will be greatly missed and never EVER forgotten.

Ed will forever live in my heart <3


Michaela McElwee

Professional Dancer/Choreographer

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